You Can Do It!

There are many ways your church or organization can help us accomplish our mission, the main one is fundraising. WHAT! The word wants to make you run and hide. However, with a little planning it can be fun and really make a difference. Here is a list of ideas to help you on your way:

Green It Up For Green:

This fundraiser basically allows the members of your organization and any other volunteers to clean up your community and ask for donations per pound of trash or piece of trash collected.


For instance, before performing a clean up or a flower planting, team members would go around collecting sponsorships from community members. One member might pledge 10 cents for every soda can picked up while another might donate $5 for every pound of trash picked up.


Once you’ve obtained your sponsorships, get to work! Your organization will have a great time raising money and working together to clean your community.




Hike Day

Want to bring in some extra dollars for Canton Calvary Mission, while also promoting good health? A guided hike is the perfect opportunity to get the best of both worlds.


If you are an organization that is located in an area near a national park, bike trail, or rivers, it would be crazy not to take advantage of this fundraiser.


Hire a guide at one of these outdoorsy locations, and make a day of it!

Advertise this event through:


  • Social media

  • Emails

  • Fliers

  • Word of mouth

  • On your website


You’ll be surprised by how many people want to take part in a hike for a good cause.


Your organization can provide water bottles a picnic and/or healthy snacks to participants, as well as an informative and entertaining guide to lead them through their outdoor adventure. By asking for a $10 donation from participants, you can promote healthy activities while collecting much-needed revenue for your nonprofit.






Getting fit while raising money for Canton Calvary Mission? Doesn’t get better than that! Walk-a-thon fundraisers have always been popular, and there’s a reason for that: they work!


A walk-a-thon is an event typically hosted by a community, school, or large nonprofit where participants raise funds for their cause by collecting money or pledges for walking a predetermined distance.


This kind of event works in one of three ways:

  1. A person pledging may give a participant X amount of dollars per mile they walk.

  2. An individual can pledge X amount as an initial donation and then an additional amount for every mile they walk.

  3. Someone can donate X amount no matter how much a participant walks.


This type of event allows lots of participants to get together for a cause that matters to them, and they get to be active as a group! Your organization can also raise a lot of money when you host a walk-a-thon!




Water Bottle Sale

A water bottle sale is a good way to not only bring in revenue but also to keep donors hydrated. They’re also a good way to prevent the one-time use and subsequent disposal of plastic bottles.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Your organization can buy reusable water bottles in bulk (Contact Len Brown at the Canton Calvary Mission for a list of suppliers)

  2. Reach out to a few local businesses to sponsor your organization to cover the fundraising costs.

  3. Feature these local businesses on the water bottle, as well as the name of your nonprofit in bold and bright colors, of course.

  4. Sell the water bottles!


This type of fundraiser benefits everyone involved:

  • Donors become healthier as they drink more water from their favorite nonprofit’s water bottles.

  • The earth is protected from even more plastic ending up in landfills.

  • Businesses get to promote and advertise with ease.

  • You bring in cash for your cause.



Skip Lunch Day

People, companies and churches would volunteer to skip lunch for one day and donate what they would have paid for a lunch that day to Canton Calvary Mission.



Spare Change Collection

Pass out clear empty containers with our information about the project within your church or organization. Have people fill them with spare change. After two weeks collect all the spare change.



Movie Night

Idea A - You can make arrangements with a local movie theatre to provide a special movie night experience to raise money for CCM. Offer the management of the movie theatre an opportunity to fill the theatre on a quiet night and in exchange, receive a portion of the ticket sales for CCM. Tickets will be more expensive than normal, however you can include popcorn, drinks and other snacks, which can be provided by the theatre. You can make it more fun by having everyone dress up according to the theme of the movie. You can also tie the movie night fundraising event to the release of a new family movie.


Idea B - There is a company called Movie Licensing USA that will license a move to you and provide promotional material ideas, so you can offer an outdoor movie night or get a school or church auditorium to show the popular movie. The cost of a one-night event for a premium movie can be as low as $172.00. We showed Big Hero 6 for 200 people at a cost of $325.00.  If you go this route, you can get a sponsor to cover the cost of the film and have your own concession stand to sell food and raise additional funds.



“Food Pantry Day” or Week

Ask local businesses to have a “Food Pantry Day or Week” where they collect food and give a percentage of that day or weeks sales to CCM.



“Dare to Care with a Scare”

Partner with local haunted houses to collect food and put out a donation bucket out for CCM.



Jeans Day

Corporate Sponsorship Idea – Many companies have a dress code. That dress code prohibits jeans or casual dress. Contact those companies and see if they will partner with you by asking their employees to pay $5.00 per day for the opportunity to wear their jeans to work. All proceeds go to CCM to help feed the hungry.



The President’s Chair

This is another corporate sponsorship idea. Ask to use the “president’s chair” and ask employees to pay $20.00 to use this chair at their desk for one day. The chair moves throughout the company for a designated time they set. CCM benefits from the funds.



Lunch with the President

Ask the powers that be inside a large company to sell raffle tickets to have lunch with the president. This could generate some serious cash, because this person is not typically accessible to everyone. The winner or winners gets to have lunch with the president of the company.




Krispy Kreme Fundraising

Your organization can raise money for CCM by selling heart-shaped doughnuts that look like ladybugs — with sprinkles! Fundraising doesn’t get much sweeter than sugar and sprinkles.


Krispy Kreme offers:

  • 50%-60% profit margins.

  • Campaigns that run from one day to two weeks.

  • Free sales materials.

  • Affordable pricing.


Then voila! You’re selling doughnuts. The work is practically done for you.

Aside from doughnuts, you can fundraise by offering certificates, cards, and coffee. You’ll have more options to bring in more fundraising dollars, brought to you by your friendly neighborhood doughnut shop.




Fundraising Nights at Panera Bread

Panera Bread is known for serving up delicious soups and sandwiches, but did you know they also offer fundraising nights for organizations to raise money?

All you have to do is bring your friends and family as well as a flyer the next time you eat dinner at Panera Bread.

Here’s how it works:


  1. After registration confirmation, an organization receive a customized flyer from Panera.

  2. When supporters come to Panera, they must present an electronic or hard copy of the flyer upon ordering.

  3. Panera will donate a percentage of the money raised that night depending on the number of flyers brought in.


Any nonprofit organization can register for a fundraising night and CCM is a nonprofit organization

Not only will you give your supporters the chance to eat some delicious food and get together with their family and friends, but you’ll be able to raise money for CCM! Everyone wins!




Yankee Candle Fundraising

Why sell overpriced products that consumers can get at stores for less when you can sell high-quality, value-priced candles that smell like November rain, French vanilla, and fundraising champions?


Yankee Candle offers over 150 items, ranging from $6.00 to $28.00, to sell as part of a fundraiser. The candles are priced comparably to those at retail stores, and you earn 40% of the profit. With no material costs and no order minimums, Yankee Candle fundraisers are an affordable, creative way to raise money. And you’ll never experience a better-smelling sales booth.






Baby Photo Contest

A Cutest/Funniest/Most Adorable Baby Photo Contest is sure to get more than a few laughs and raise more than a few bucks for CCM.


Ask employees or organization members to bring in pictures of themselves when they were kids. You can decide whether or not you want an age limit set on how old the individual is in the photo.


Then, post the pictures with a corresponding number on a cork board or bulletin board in a highly visible area that gets a high amount of traffic.


Next, instruct people to vote by writing on a $5, $10 or $20 dollar bill the number of the cutest baby and give the bill to the "Vote Counter!"

Whoever wins can get a small or silly prize as well as the knowledge that they were the cutest baby in the office.


Not only will everyone get to see what they all looked like years and years ago, but you will make a little extra money for CCM.




DIY Intra-Office Fundraising Contest

This DIY idea is a low-risk, high-reward fundraiser. If you are a business wanting to get funds together for a nonprofit that you feel passionately about, your employees can be the best assets for your cause.


One way to facilitate employee bonding in an office setting is to get your staff to put their heads together for an end result that can affect the whole office. Put your employees into random groups of 3-5 (based on the size of your business), and tell them that the group that raises the highest amount of money by the end of the month will be the winner.


Make sure they know they cannot take the easy way out and just donate their own money for this contest. The point is to get employees who normally do not work in close quarters to collaborate and come up with fundraising ideas together. 


Prizes can be anything from the winning group getting a half a day off to the boss taking the group out to dinner at their restaurant of choice. This DIY fundraising contest is bound to bring in loads of money for a good cause while also encouraging some much-needed team building.




Office-Decorating Contest

An office-space-decorating contest is a low cost/high reward way for your business to collect funds for CCM. Advertise in a memo or email a week before the themed contest is held, and have employees donate $10 to participate. You can even make this a holiday-themed contest to promote holiday spirit around the office!


To raise more money, you can have employees vote with their dollars on which office space is decorated the best (they can’t vote for their own desk, though!). That way, there is no bias when the winner is announced, and you’ve managed to raise more money in addition to the entrance fee.


The prize can be:

  • A designated parking spot

  • A free lunch

  • A half day off


These incentives, plus the fact that they will be donating to a good cause, are sure to get several employees involved in this contest. Workplace giving increases employee engagement, and your employees will feel confident that their employer cares about charitable causes.




Trash Art Auction

What better way to encourage creativity, engage your community, and raise some money for your organization than by throwing a trash art auction?


Holding a regular auction is a great fundraising opportunity, but when you incorporate the “trash art” component, people become more interested and are more likely to come. Additionally, worthless items get repurposed into beautiful and meaningful art.


Find the most creative people in your area and ask them if they’d like to contribute a piece of trash art. Keep the definition of trash art pretty loose — you don’t want to stifle creativity! — but inform artists that they have to repurpose something and make it artistic somehow.


Once the masterpieces are completed, host an auction to sell them off with a portion of the proceeds going to your organization. You can also charge for drinks and food during the auction.


Trash art is a great way to raise money for your organization while encouraging the creativity of some of your artistic supporters.




Yard Sale

Everyone’s heard the phrase, “One man’s trash is another man’s fundraiser.” That’s right isn’t it?


Help members of your community clean out their closets and garages by hosting a yard sale!


Indoor or outdoor and at any time of year, a yard sale will be a huge hit with your local community. People love to find great items that they can repurpose or breathe new life into.


Individuals have a fun time bartering for other people’s used lamps, furniture, clothing, and anything in between!


Having a yard sale is the ultimate trash to treasure fundraiser that is sure to please everyone.





Galas are one of those fundraising that require a lot of planning beforehand, but when they’re done correctly, they can be a great way for your top-tier donors to get together and raise money for your organization at a glamorous event.


You can sell tables to groups of donors for a set price and offer discounts for purchases of two or more tables.


Galas are also a perfect opportunity to host a silent auction. You can encourage gala attendees and local businesses to donate items or package deals (like a trip to a cabin or a beach house) that attendees can bid on throughout the night.


Make sure you also have a lineup of speakers from CCM that can talk about the current and future projects that we are working on. That way, gala attendees are aware of what their donations are going toward.




Golf Tournament

Golf fundraisers can be a great way for your donors to get together, play some golf, and help you raise money for CCM.


Like galas, they require careful planning, but a carefully executed golf tournament on a beautiful day will help encourage your supporters to give their best game and their best donations.


First, you’ll have to find a course that is convenient for all of your donors.


Then, you’ll sell tickets to your tournament. You can sell them individually or in groups of two or four depending on how you want the tournament to happen.


You’ll need to do a lot of promotion and recruiting for the tournament. Make sure that you have a team of outgoing people to help get the word out and sell tickets. When the day arrives, consider having a concession stand for bystanders and players.


Everyone will have a great time playing a great game for a great cause!

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